By employing a construction apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in a range of practical construction practices. Activities include maintenance of wood products and plumbing, bricklaying, resurfacing masonry structures such as renders, site carpentry and joining tasks. For painters & decorators tasks will include preparing background surfaces for painting and applying paint by brush and roller.

  • Alan Chesher - Employer

    I chose to employ an apprentice as I needed the growth in the business and I wanted to employ someone who would be an asset to the business.

    I chose Furness College for the training because of the excellent quality of their training.

    By employing an apprentice we have found them to be very useful and they have helped to grow the business.

    The support from the Furness College assessor and Furness College is excellent – they are very supportive and our apprentice receives excellent quality of training.

    If you’re thinking about employing an apprentice then I’d say GO FOR IT! - you won’t look back.


    Alan Chesher - Employer Complete Builders
  • Jack Chesher - Apprentice

    I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn a trade and gain experience in that industry. I chose Furness College as my training provider as it had a good reputation and it was my local college.

    Throughout my apprenticeship I have enjoyed learning new skills and earning a wage at the same time. I particularly enjoy learning by doing practical things out in the work place.

    My employer is very helpful and very understanding. My assessor visits me regularly and is also very supportive and helps me with any problems I might have.

    If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship I’d encourage you to do it as you learn new skill and grow your knowledge as well as earning at the same time.

    Jack Chesher - Apprentice Employer - Complete Builders

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