Catering and Hospitality

By employing a catering & hospitality apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in either a range of cheffing or front of house practices. Activities include working with food and drink or learning to serve customers.

  • Elke van Laarhoven - Assistant Manager

    Working in hospitality you will find a lot of staff looking for ’just’ a Saturday job or who want to earn some extra money ‘on the side’, not always wanting to pursue a career in hospitality and sometimes lacking that much needed passion and enthusiasm. Apprentices on the other hand, are specifically looking for a career in this industry. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn makes them a pleasure to work with.

    As a business we are committed to developing new and current members of staff that show potential. Our apprentice came to us after she finished her NVQ Level 2 and started out as a waitress. She showed great commitment and enthusiasm which is why we gave her the opportunity to qualify for NVQ Level 3 through Furness College. With the training being done by the college we have had more time to develop her to our standards. Our apprentice is now our Brasserie Supervisor.

    We have been working with Furness College for many years, and have always received great support from our Furness College Assessor.

    Elke van Laarhoven - Assistant Manager Lakeside Hotel & Spa
  •  Rachele Robertson - Apprentice

    I chose to do an apprenticeship at Lakeside Hotel, as I felt working in such a well-established hotel whilst learning would be very beneficial for me.

    I chose to do the apprenticeship through Furness College as my assessor had previously worked at the Lakeside Hotel and I felt that would help me a lot during the course as there would be a better understanding of the way the hotel works. I had also heard very good reviews from previous students.

    I enjoy how eye opening the apprenticeship is and how much it benefits me at work on a day-to-day basis. I am also learning new skills all the time which can only contribute towards building my career.

    I love working at the Lakeside Hotel as they have contributed towards my education throughout my employment and always pushed me to do bigger and better things.

    I have grown very fond of my assessor as she has been extremely helpful and helps me to understand things a lot quicker.

    To any student thinking about doing an apprenticeship, I would highly recommend them doing so. You get to earn whilst learning, you get to meet new people all the time and you make some good friends. I also find it is a lot easier to learn whilst doing rather than just being shown.”

    Rachele Robertson - Apprentice Employer - Lakeside Hotel & Spa

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