By employing an accounting apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help you to meet business requirements by becoming skilled and confident in a range of financial practicies. Activities include looking at expenses and bills to taxes and payroll. They will also learn to keep track of all these things and to make sure that businesses – both large and small – manage their money properly.

  • Julie Barton - Employer

    Our apprentice was an employee before the programme and we’ve supported her learning and development along the way.  We approached the college for the apprenticeship as we’ve trained in partnership with them before.  The impact of an apprentice on our business has been a very positive one as the apprentice comes in with the attitude of being ready to learn as well as a willingness to understand company processes and to embrace new challenges.

    Julie Barton - Employer Forge Europa
  • Jessica Dalton - Apprentice

    I chose the apprenticeship route after I had seen it advertised and I chose the college because my employer had used them before.  I enjoy the apprenticeship as you are learning both at work and at college and both organisations support each other.  My assessor is always there if I need help.  I would recommend taking on an apprentice as it allows people to work and train at the same time.

    Jessica Dalton - Apprentice Forge Europa

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