Engineering Courses

These programmes will provide you with

  • the opportunity to study the principles and practice of mechanical engineering within a friendly and highly successful department and with a diverse group of students from a variety of backgrounds
  • a broad range of knowledge and skills that are highly sought after by employers and which will open up a wide range of careers to higher technicians, within the area of engineering and other professional fields
  • access to excellent facilities including CAD computer suites, the science laboratory, materials testing laboratory, pneumatics/hydraulics laboratory; mechanical workshop

Furness College has been awarded:

  • IET Accreditation (Institution of Engineering and Technology) for BEng Ordinary and BEng Honours Degree courses. The IET is one of Europe's leading engineering institutions and accreditation is recognised as a high quality seal of approval.
  • Training Quality Standards with excellence in Engineering and Construction.


COMPANY: GlaxoSmithKline
JOB TITLE: Plant Engineer
The choice of studying at Furness College was one of the easiest I’ve had to make throughout my career to date because the course offered me the chance to study part- time for a prestigious Lancaster University Engineering Degree, without the need to travel further...

Dominic Miller BEng Mechanical Engineering

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